How to Detect a Fake Video Card?

The video card you bought could be fake. We show you how you can detect it with GPU-Z.

Some malicious people always want to defraud users. Especially when it comes to graphics cards, we can see that fake GTX 960 models are derived on the market. You may think it is difficult to emulate a CPU or graphics card, but it’s possible and it does!

Fake graphics cards are not made from models or anything else. The GPUs used in these products are original. The difference is that the cards are based on legacy chips that have been relabeled. Although it is unlikely that your card is fake if you bought it from a reputable place, it is a good idea to check the card, especially if you think your new GPU is not performing as you expect!

TechPowerUp has a tool called GPU-Z designed to show you in-depth information about graphics cards. The latest version of GPU-Z now comes with counterfeit card detection. All you have to do is download and run it.

GPU-Z examines the card’s BIOS to make sure it hasn’t been tampered with. If the card reports itself as a more powerful (and expensive) model than it is, you see the text “[FAKE]” and a yellow warning icon in front of the model name.

This is exactly what happened to one of our readers Sosyal . We found that a GTX 960 sold to him is actually the GTS 450 with GF114 GPU. Thanks, he sent the card to us – and we sent him a GTX 950 – so we could discuss the matter in more detail.

You can also run the current GPU-Z and check your graphics card.

GPU-Z release notes, including re-labeled legacy GPUs:

v2.12.0 (12 October 2018)

  • Added detection for counterfeit graphics cards using legacy re-labeled NVIDIA GPUs (G84, G86, G92, G94, G96, GT215, GT216, GT218, GF108, GF106, GF114, GF116, GF119, GK106)
  • Added BIOS save feature for NVIDIA Turing
  • Added monitoring support for multiple fans in Turing
  • Monitoring fan speed in% in Turing has been added
  • Advanced -> Added HDMI and DisplayPort information to NVIDIA
  • Power draw on NVIDIA cards is now reported in both TDP% and Watts
  • Fixed system crash caused by Valve anti-cheat
  • Fixed memory bandwidth in Turing with GDDR6
  • Tooltip fixed for system memory usage sensor
  • Fixed broken Radeon RX 400 GPU usage tracking on newer drivers
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