The best characters in Nier Reincarnation: tier list to create the best team

Not all characters perform the same in combat, and that is why it is important that you know which are the most suitable and strong to use in your games at Nier Reincarnation .

It is important that all the characters that we have in the team not only adapt to our way of playing, but also that they are really powerful, something that will always invite us to try to find new ones that end up appearing to add them and be devastating in the games.

So we are going to list the best characters for Nier Reincarnation , divided by levels, and we give you the reason to use them.

The best characters in Nier Reincarnation: tier list to create the best team

Level S Characters


It has the great sword of fire, strength of 697 and a life of 2185. Perhaps it carries one of the strongest swords, with which it becomes a really powerful character. In addition, his attack power is increased by 11% when he uses the momentum attack.

Also your critical strike chance can be improved by using a surprise attack which also increases your critical strike rate by 11%.

Of course, the only drawback of this character is its low resistance so be careful that it does not receive strong blows.


It counts as a weapon with the dark sword, a strength of 674 and a life of 2416. It is able to chain up to five different attacks and produce a large amount of damage. It has access to the momentum attack that increases its damage by 11%.

You can increase his agility by using the Shunsho attack which allows you to move faster and deal great damage.

Tier A characters

Nier Reincarnation


It has the wind sword weapon, with strength 668 and life 2534. It is a really powerful attacker, with a high life and defense being a really durable character for our combats. Thanks to his special attack, he can increase the attack power of all allies by 6% for 30 seconds.

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He has the great light sword weapon, with strength 659 and health of 2138. The good thing is that when his life falls below 50% his attack power increases by 26%. You could also increase the character’s defenses by 11% with the help of his guardian.

Tier B characters


He has a dark weapon, strength 653 and life 3311. He wields a firearm that allows him to be more agile during combat but makes him more vulnerable to strong attacks. His life is really high so he can take a lot of hits. His best overall ability is Flash which allows him to blind enemies with a 75% chance.


It has the light weapon, 638 strength and 2732 life. It has everything but high attack power, but you could at least take advantage of its stamina, agility, and excellent defenses.

He can become an excellent ally and support character in any type of game. Her stun ability boasts great value, capable of knocking down an enemy and inflicting a series of blows using combos to deal increased damage.

In our opinion, these are the best characters you can use right now in Nier Reincarnation .

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