which console will be better? PS5 or Xbox Series X

We compared which one will be better – PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X! Gamers from all over the world are eagerly awaiting new consoles and the games released for them. Both propositions are really good and have quite similar specifications, so many people have a dilemma as to what to choose. Find out where it is worth saving money – PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X!

PlayStation 5 – what will Sony offer us?

PlayStation 5 will be very similar to the model from Microsoft, but it fares a bit worse. The computing power is slightly lower – it is supposed to be 10.28 teraflops. The processor is almost identical. The PS5 will feature AMD Zen 2 (7nm), 8 cores, 16 threads, clocked at 3.5 GHz (with variable frequency). The graphics will be powered by the AMD RDNA 2 card (36 computing units, clocked at 2.23 GHz with variable frequency). The RAM in both cases will be the same – 16 GB GDDR6 each. The bandwidth is, in turn, 448 GB / s, and the SSD has a capacity of 825 GB. PS5 is to support 8K resolution and native 4K / 60 FPS in games. It will also have Ray Tracing.

For many people, the appearance of the console is also of great importance. PlayStation 5 is to have an extremely futuristic form. Its intriguing shape and combination of white, black and blue backlight evoke extreme emotions. Some players believe that such a device is not practical and will be too conspicuous, while others are delighted with the unusual design.

Xbox Series X – what has Microsoft prepared?

The Xbox Series X is slightly better than the PS5 in terms of specs. Its computing power is expected to be 12 teraflops. The processor, although the same, is to have a higher clock speed. The same is with the graphics card. In this device, AMD RDNA 2 has as many as 52 computing units, clocked at 1.825 GHz. Both consoles have the same amount of RAM. When it comes to bandwidth, the 10 GB model is to reach 560 GB / s, while the 6 GB version will be slightly worse than the P 5 – 336 GB / s. The SSD drive is to have as much as 1TB. More frames are also expected. Like PlayStation, Xbox supports 8K and native 4K but will offer 60 to even 120 FPS in games.

The Xbox Series X also stands out in terms of appearance. Microsoft, unlike Sony, put it on simplicity. The console has firm of a simple black cuboid. Certainly, it will be easier to match it to the decor than a large, effective PS5. The model also supposedly has better cooling, which will make it quieter.

PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X – which console should you choose?

Contrary to appearances, it is difficult to say which console to choose. The dilemma of “PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X” must be approached with caution. Not only appearance or parameters should be decisive. Many specialists are of the opinion that the PS5 can be cheaper equipment, and its performance does not differ much from those guaranteed by the Microsoft model. In the coming months or even years, producers of TVs and games must “catch up” with the new standards imposed on them. So it may turn out that even if you invest more in the equipment, you won’t feel that much of a difference. For this reason, it is best to wait with the purchase even a few months after the premiere. Then the equipment will be available at a more favourable price on the Internet.

Many people will decide to go with the Xbox anyway, as the design of the PS5 is quite controversial. The futuristic shape and white colour do not suit every living room. Older players especially try to create a coherent decor in their home, so they will choose a more universal device.

If you do not know what to choose – PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of both options. Also, wait for the official price announcement or even the first discount. Choose a console that will suit you in every way!



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