The Ascent: guide and tricks for the new game on Game Pass

The long wait for one of Microsoft’s summer 2021 exclusives has finally come to an end and it’s now possible to get your hands on The Ascent for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC (via Steam and Microsoft Store). With the arrival in the Xbox Game Pass title park of the ambitious cyberpunk title of Neon Giant since day one , many will give it an opportunity and maybe experience the adventure in a local online cooperative with a small group of friends. If you are one of these players too, we offer you a series of tips that could help you take your first steps in the dangerous world of Veles. If you want to know more about the game,.


The role-playing component of The Ascent holds a certain importance within the game economy and to face opponents without encountering major difficulties it is essential to choose the equipment worn wisely. The best way to create a build that suits your style of play is to not always and only aim for simple attack or defense values ​​when it comes to weapons and armor, but to evaluate in detail what are the extra parameters of the pieces. active equipment,

The Ascent

Each object in the backpack has in fact a long series of statistics that contribute, for example, to increase the resistance to a certain type of attacks, to improve the effectiveness of a critical hit and so on. Before selecting a new item to equip, therefore, carefully observe its statistics and check the small green and red arrows to assess the impact on the character’s parameters once that specific piece is worn. Elemental damage

is also very important, which in specific cases can be much more useful than a weapon with a high fire potential. All humanoid enemies such as those faced in the first section of the game, for example, are particularly vulnerable to the element of fire when robots succumb more easily when hit with energy attacks.


The Ascent is a game that greatly rewards those who decide to explore , as around Veles there are many alternative routes that lead to hidden areas in which there are chests to destroy and chests to open .

In case you find yourself at a crossroads, therefore, always try to move in the opposite direction to that of the main objective to have a good chance of stumbling upon one of these secrets, given that inside the containers that the developers have placed in some places on the maps may hide pieces of equipment or valuable resources. Be aware that the mini-map also contains clues about the loot containers, marked with a small icon in the shape of a chest.


The firefights of The Ascent often involve large groups of enemies and it is quite easy for the ammunition in the magazine of the weapon to run out leaving you exposed to the enemy. In these cases the best way to avoid succumbing is to immediately switch to the other equipped weapon , but if you want to avoid problems of any kind, it is of fundamental importance to manage the reloading system perfectly .

In addition to the ability to activate magazine replacement by pressing the X button on the Xbox controller, the player can reload the weapon by simply releasing the right trigger after the magazine is depleted – this mechanic is a double-edged sword. , as continuing to hold RT prevents the character from firing and reloading. Unfortunately, the developers have forgotten to implement some kind of signal on the screen that indicates the exhaustion of the magazine and it is therefore up to the player to constantly keep an eye on the small number at the bottom right to understand when it is time to loosen the grip on the trigger.


In The Ascent you can shoot as in all twin stick shooters, i.e. by pressing the right trigger on the controller while directing the fire with the right analog stick. In the Neon Giant title, however, there is also an additional option that allows the player to adjust the height of the fire : if you hold down the left trigger (LT if you are using an Xbox controller), in fact, our character will raise the weapon and not only will it be able to hit higher enemies with greater ease, but it will also be able to stun them faster by charging the yellow indicator just below the health indicator.

While this tactic is very useful, we do not recommend using it against smaller enemies, as you risk going blank and exposing yourself to their attacks.


Although it is an isometric shooter, The Ascent allows players to enter cover behind the elements scattered around the arenas and to lean out through the mechanics linked to the left trigger of the controller that we talked about above. Staying safe could be a great idea when facing enemies wielding firearms, but in the event that our opponents are aiming for melee attacks this strategy cannot work in any way.

In the most eventful situations and in which the opponents tend to physically attack the protagonist, it is good to stay constantly in motion and shoot, so as to avoid any contact with the enemy while you are facing him.


In a loot-based game like The Ascent it is very important to have generous sums of money with which to buy weapons, armor and Augmentation (the equivalent of powers) from the various merchants. In this regard, it is possible to take advantage of the possibility of getting rid of the excess objects in the backpack , which can be sold in specific shops and allow you to accumulate a lot of credits without particular effort.

If, on the other hand, you love going on an adventure, you could accumulate bounties : these are obtained by eliminating the bosses, or enemies that stand out from all the others both for their generous size and for the presence above their head of a large health indicator. Once you have accumulated several bounties (better not waste time delivering one at a time), go to a bar and interact with the NPC marked on the map by a small bag of money , so as to sell him all the bounties in your possession and make money.


Between one main mission and another of The Ascent you will find yourself wandering around places where there are several NPCs, some of which are willing to entrust you with secondary tasks .

Never ignore these types of missions, as their completion is essential for progression and allows you to accumulate extra loot and useful experience points to level up and upgrade your stats. If you find it not intuitive to identify the characters who have a secondary quest to entrust to you, remember that they always have a yellow diamond-shaped icon on their head.

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