Audi will continue to work on its current combustion engines

You will have read this week several information about the future of Audi combustion engines, both in gasoline and diesel cars. In some media, it has even been stated that the brand with the four rings stops manufacturing these blocks. All after a statement by Markus Duesmann, CEO of the brand, where he made clear the cost of continuing to develop new engines before the increasingly restrictive measures to lower emissions.

So what is the future of combustion engines at Audi? At AUTO BILD we have contacted the brand to find out and the answer is clear. They will continue to develop the current TDI and current TFSI engines, including the corresponding evolutions of them already marked. What is not already planned is to start the development of a new combustion block from scratch.

Is there a date for his disappearance?

Having clarified this first point, now we ask about the second. Is there a definitive date for Audi to stop selling diesel and gasoline engines? Will it be 2030 as some media have slipped? The answer, again, is clear. It will be the market and consumers who mark this date, because the brand has not set any specific date. Of course, the electric offensive will be greater and greater, as demonstrated by the Audi GT etron.

While manufacturers such as Volvo and Mini have already said when they will stop selling combustion cars, Audi is more realistic and it will be the market that dictates the rule. Furthermore, not all markets are equally prepared for a total electrification process and this will mark the process of combustion disappearance in each market.

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