Hyundai and Kia confirm they are no longer in talks about the ‘Apple Car’

Automaker Hyundai and its subsidiary Kia have stated that they are no longer in talks with Apple to make the rumored Apple Car.

In January, we learned that the two automakers were in talks with Apple about the “Apple Car” – conversations that Hyundai unusually confirmed before retracting the statement. Apparently Apple was upset by the public disclosure.

On Friday, talks between the companies broke down as Hyundai’s internal disagreements could derail the plans entirely.

While the talks were taking place, we heard that Hyundai would bring production to the United States, operating a factory in Georgia controlled by Kia with a view to producing 100,000 cars by 2024. There was also talk of an investment of about 3.6 billion euros by Apple to make the project come true.

It is unclear if the discussions could be resumed. There are internal disagreements within Hyundai over the project, with one person saying there is a “dispute” over whether Hyundai or Kia would produce Apple’s autonomous vehicle.

Production tasks could have been turned over entirely to Kia , as Hyundai was concerned that its brand reputation would be harmed by becoming an assembler for other car companies rather than working on its own products.

A report from January indicated that Hyundai executives are still pondering whether it is worth taking the risk of accepting Apple as a customer.

Hyundai and Kia are not the only companies that Apple was talking about the “Apple Car” with, apparently it was talking to at least six Japanese automakers at the same time.

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