He is 101 years old and has always traveled in Ford cars: today he drives an electric Mustang Mach-E

Can you stay loyal to an automotive brand for over 90 years? To hear the story of Harold Baggot it seems so : the man is now 101 years old and has been traveling in Ford cars since he was 10. Today he tried driving the new electric Mustang Mach-E .

As a child, the first Ford he ever had to deal with was a legendary Model T owned by his parents . Since he got his driving license in 1936, he has never stopped driving cars of the blue oval, like a good American.

Harold Baggot and his family have owned over 20 Ford models over the past 90 years ; the first car bought by the man today was a 1937 Ford 8 Popular , just a year after obtaining his driving license, and it was always he himself who inquired to take a test drive of the new Mustang Mach-E , the first electric of the American brand.

The Beaulieu Motor Museum recognized Mr. Baggot as a real symbol, which is why it proposed that he recently travel aboard a 1915 Ford Model T with members of his family belonging to other generations. A tour that ended with the driving of the Mach-E , for Ford the beginning of a new, important chapter of history. “I imagine this new car will be driven by my grandchildren,” said Mr. Baggot, “it was exciting to try this experience.”


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