Tesla can now be bought for Bitcoins, writes Musk

The use of Bitcoins within Tesla has not met with much understanding, as this cryptocurrency platform has enormous energy requirements, which goes against Tesla’s environmental mission. It recently bought BTC for $ 1.5 billion, which helped Bitcoin reach record highs. Elon Musk’s latest tweet may have helped further growth, albeit not too much. Elon Musk revealed on his Twitter that Tesla can now be bought for Bitcoin.
According to other answers, Tesla will use internal software in combination with open-source to work with coins. As for paid Bitcoins, Tesla wants to keep them as BTC and does not intend to convert them into dollars. For the time being, it will be possible to buy Tesla in the USA in this way, but it should be extended to other countries by the end of the year. Recall that this morning the value of BTC was still below 55 thousand USD, now it is around 57 thousand USD.
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