Goodbye Intel! New Tesla vehicles will feature AMD Ryzen processors

Goodbye Intel! New Tesla vehicles will feature AMD Ryzen processors

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y will be sold in Europe and will arrive in the US for the first time

An important part of the technological proposal of Tesla vehicles is in the improved user experience through hardware since these cars have computers whose specifications are at the level of a mid-high-end PC and in terms of the console they do not ask anything from a Xbox or PS5 Series X . Hence, the use of a certain type of processor is an issue when talking about Tesla cars and a major change was just revealed for some models.


According to information, an important change will take place in the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, since from 2022, these models will have AMD Ryzen processors, detail to take into account since until 2021 their computers worked with the Intel Atom A3950 processor. This AMD Ryzen processor, whose specifications have not been disclosed, will be responsible for the operation of the infotainment sector installed in these cars, which also includes the possibility of playing video games.

On the other hand, the implementation of AMD processors in the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y joins a new expansion strategy since at the beginning, these models were designed for the European market, but from 2022 they will do the same in the United States.

Since we are talking about Tesla vehicles, we remind you that the United States authorities forced the company to modify the availability of the video game experience so that it is not active while the car is running . Also, a driver decided to protest against the company and Elon Musk when he learned the price that a new battery would have and the process of repairing his vehicle , which in the end was unusable and ready to explode.


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