Tesla Model S and X have the same entertainment potential as PS5, for Elon Musk

Elon Musk in recent months has become one of the most prominent characters in the world. He is both because he is the man behind some of the world’s most ambitious investments and projects, and because, mainly through Twitter, his releases are often vastly out of line. Despite this, his word is able to influence public opinion in a very clear way, especially the American one. Recently to describe the capabilities of the entertainment system contained within the Tesla Model S and X , Musk said it could be compared to a PS5 .

The system contained within the new machine models, in fact, is based on the AMD Ryzen architecture and on an RDNA 2 GPU . It is hardware capable of “running AAA games,” according to AMD CEO Lisa Su. Who actually thinks the new machines are “a great platform for Triple A.” The computational power of the new teslas should be around 10 teraflops.

A synthetic fact that prompted Musk to write on Twitter: “yes, the new Model S & X have a level of power for entertainment equal to that of PS5”.

A rather ambitious statement, even if generic (given that it does not take into account consumption, optimization and elements of this type), which however helps to understand in which direction Musk and automotive in general are moving.

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