Toyota surprises at the Olympics: here is the electric minibus for sportsmen

When in 2019 Toyota announced its support for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics through a range of fully electric vehicles, we all expected rather particular solutions and absolutely in line with the style of the brand.


Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has postponed the games by a year and a series of misunderstandings with the organization led to the retiron by the producer of the advertising linked to the event . However, this did not translate into the abandonment of the world stage by special means , and one of these appeared during a baseball game.


From the Twitter post visible at the bottom of the page you can see a really familiar electric vehicle, as it represents a modified variant of the Accessible People Mover (APM) presented some time ago. Toyota adapted it to the playing field by removing the canopy and installing a very special seat in the shape of a baseball glove . The peculiar solution serves to transport the players from one part of the structure to another, and it cannot be excluded that today some teams from all over the world may import the idea to apply it on the spot.


Originally the APM was supposed to take spectators from the airport to the stadium, or from one stadium to another, but without the public most of the fleet has been redirected to different shores, so the 100 kilometers of autonomy per single charge will not be so useful.

To stay on the subject we also want to mention the electric Toyota LQ, as she also debuted at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. It is a bizarre and futuristic concept in continuous evolution, which in a few years could come to offer the Level 4 Autonomous Driving. The all-electric LQ testifies to the brand’s efforts in differentiate their product portfolio because, for those who do not know, Toyota intends to keep the road open to hydrogen propulsion.

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