The next Alien series is expected in 2023

Noah Hawley, the director of Fargo and Legion, will also be heading up the xenomorph's next series coming to Disney Plus in a couple of years.

Some time ago, Disney announced its new big television project: a series based on the Alien franchise , made by FX Networks to reach the Disney Plus streaming platform , probably through the Star grid.

The first dates that were given for the premiere of the Alien series pointed to this same year, but we will have to keep waiting to see the xenomorph on planet Earth, since the new forecasts put it away until 2023.

“ It is a huge exercise that Noah is doing with the support of Scott Free. But here we are talking about designing and building sets and that construction of worlds is huge, “says John Landgraf, president of FX :” We are actually moving at a good pace and I am optimistic that this series could be launched in 2023 . It will probably do it in 2023, but we want to get it right . ”

This ambitious project is led by Noah Hawle and, director of such remarkable series as Fargo (2014) or Legión (2017), and also has the support of Ridley Scott , creator of the original 1979 film, Alien: the eighth passenger .

We don’t know too much about the plot yet, but Hawley has already commented that he hoped he could stay true to Ridley Scott’s iconic work. The only thing that is confirmed is that its events will take place on planet Earth , a territory that had not been explored much in the franchise beyond the first bars of the film Prometheus (2012).

According to Noah Hawley, films often explore what happens when a xenomorph is trapped in a spaceship , and wants to give a twist to that idea with which we associate the monster to open a little more its field of action and the possibilities it could offer this dynamic: “What if you couldn’t contain the xenomorphs? 

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