Amazon will buy MGM for $ 9000 million

The present and the future of entertainment is being configured to access content from different platforms and currently on demand services that work via streaming are in vogue. This has led to an important market movement, where large companies are securing ownership of movies, series, animations and others to be able to negotiate with them. Of course, not all companies can launch their streaming service thinking of being successful and in certain scenarios it is better to listen to the offer. Well, it seems that a major purchase is underway.


According to information from The Verge, via Variety, Amazon is in talks with MGM Holdings, Inc. to buy the company and everything it includes in a $ 9,000 million purchase and sale transaction. Although this is information that has not yet been confirmed, it is considered that there are possibilities that the agreement will be carried out, especially since it would be boosted by the recent merger operation of Warner Bros. with Discovery, however, it is also notes that in the end Amazon could give up on the purchase of MGM, which has been on sale since December 2020.


In the event that Amazon’s purchase of MGM is completed, the commercial giant would obtain the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios catalog and projects, which consists of many legendary films from different stages of cinema, as well as its MGM Home divisions. Entertainment, United Artists Releasing, American International Pictures and Orion Pictures Corporation.

In the same way, Amazon would obtain MGM Television with all its divisions and channels, including the premium offering Epix and everything related to Telecine. Same situation for MGM Animation, MGM Interactive and MGM Music.

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