Berserk : The manga’s ending would be very close, Reportedly End with Chapter 364

Berserk could see its conclusion very soon, at least as far as the manga is concerned, according to a report from Japan.

Berserk , the manga of the late Kentaro Miura, could have a near end now, according to a report from Japan that has no certainty or official status, but which could be likely given the situation in which the work is now.

The information is somewhat bare of details and we avoid reporting precise references to the plot, but it could still contain spoilers , so avoid reading if you do not want to run the risk of previews.

The news of Miura’s sudden death has shocked the whole world a little and has also cast doubt on the possible continuation of Berserk, the major work of the mangaka, which still seems far from a real end but which at this point risks being left unfinished .

Some time ago, it had emerged that the manga will be completed by the staff , but the matter is complicated, because the author had an extremely central role in the production of the work, from the script to the elaboration of the story up to the drawings, therefore it is difficult to replace for the construction of a long narrative arc.

For this reason, it may make sense that the end of Berserk corresponds to chapter 364 , which is the next one to be released in September 2021 and the last edited directly by Miura. The thesis is also supported by the Twitter account Manga Mogura RE, which translated the comment by Ryokutya into Japanese, according to which it seems that chapter 364 corresponds to the conclusion of the manga.

From ryokutya’s commentary on Berserk chapter 364, it looks like this chapter is the last in the series.— Manga Mogura RE (@MangaMoguraRE) September 7, 2021

However, it will hardly be able to correspond to a real ending , given that the situation is not such as to suggest a conclusion of the narrative arc. Gatsu, Caska and the others find themselves in a situation of relative peace in the previous issue, which seems to presage, however, the subsequent arrival of further battles and perhaps even the final confrontation with Grifis, but this is unlikely to take place at this point.

One wonders if the story is destined to continue in other ways: if the manga was a work more intimately linked to the figure of Kentaro Miura, it is possible that the story could be resumed and concluded with other media, perhaps an animated production. of some kind, we’ll see.

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