Castlevania: the Netflix TV series will return, here are the first details from the Geeked Week

During the last day of Netflix ‘s Geeked Week we got to find out some details about the new animated series based on the universe of Castlevania . While it is true that the current saga has ended with the fourth season, there will be room for other products.

Before continuing, however, know that to talk about the new series it will be necessary to do some spoilers on the 4th Season of Castlevania , so continue beyond the image only if you are not afraid of any anticipation!

During the closing of the Geeked Week we had the opportunity to discover that the new animated saga of the Castlevania franchise will be set in the same universe, but in the future. Precisely, the series will star Richter Belmont – son of Trevor and Sypha – and Maria Renard, and will be coveted in France during the Revolution (1792). The information was shared by executive producer Kevin Koilde, director Sam Deats and assistant director Adam Deats.

For the moment, no clips have been shown and the release date of this new Netflix Castlevania series has not been indicated. However, we have seen Arcane – the series based on League of Legends – The Cuphead Show by Studio MDHR, but also Captain Laserhawk A Blood Dragon Remix and also a short sequence dedicated to Season 2 of The Witcher .


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