Confirmed: Michael Keaton to return as Batman for The Flash

Michael Keaton will be donning the Batman suit again for the next Flash movie, which has already started production with a view to release in 2022.

Keaton, who is also known for being the Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming, has not played the Dark Knight in almost 30 years. His return was confirmed by the acting agency the actor works with.

A month ago, Keaton revealed to the Deadline portal that he still had doubts about his participation as Batman in The Flash due to everything that has been happening in the world due to covid-19.

Keaton will share the screen with Ezra Miller, an actor who will return as Flash after having done so in Justice League as well as in Snydercut. Another confirmed actor is Ben Affleck, who will also reprise his role as Batman.

What to expect from the Flash movie?

The Flash movie will be directed by Andrés Muschietti. The Argentine filmmaker has already been making an interesting career in Hollywood directing films like Mamá and the reboot of It, the Clown.

Muschietti will adapt the well-known comic “Flashpoint,” which is about how Flash will alter the world after preventing his mother from passing away. In that world, you will see characters like Wonder Woman and Aquaman are in a fight, as well as a Batman who will be Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father.

The film will include basic elements of the comic such as Barry’s attempt to save his mother. This will cause him to end up meeting Michael Keaton’s Batman and together they must find a way to return things to normal.

According to rumors, the return of Keaton as Batman would not only be for this film, as Warner Bros. would already be evaluating having him for other projects such as an adaptation of “Batman Beyond” since Keaton will be an older Bruce Wayne.



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