Destiny 2 wants to become a movie, a TV show and more: Bungie is hiring

Destiny 2 wants to become a movie, a TV show and more: Bungie wants to hire a senior executive to bring the world of the shooter to other media.

Bungie is hiring a new senior executive who can help Destiny and Destiny 2 become a movie, TV show, and more . The company wants to bring the narrative world of the sci-fi first-person shooter to other media as well.

The information comes from the official Bungie website where a job proposal for a Senior Executive Development has been posted that “will lead projects that can extend the Destiny franchise into new categories, including TV series, movies, books, comics and audio formats” . Additionally, the candidate will need to “identify, select, guide, collaborate and provide feedback with third parties and business partners allowing them to tell additional stories in the Destiny universe that can satisfy fans while capturing the hearts and minds of a new audience “.

The Destiny candidate must have worked on various movies and TV series with “experience in animation and television product development”. In addition, a certain level of experience with publishing novels and graphic novels is welcome.

We specify that Bungie hasn’t announced anything official regarding the expansion of the Destiny narrative universe to other mediums, but this job announcement strongly suggests that the intention is this. It also seems credible that, at least initially, the idea is to make an animated series, rather than a live-action show: however, it is only a speculation.

Destiny is hugely successful globally and its sci-fi world, full of characters, subplots and settings, could certainly lead to many different interesting products.


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