Dishonored: Netflix has a TV series in production on the game

Dishonored could be one of the next Netflix video game-based productions , according to a new rumor from the Giant Freakin Robot website, with a TV series focused on the steampunk world created by Arkane and Bethesda, now at Microsoft.

The source in question has a fairly fluctuating history with regard to this type of rumor, therefore it is not considered 100% reliable, however the story has credible aspects, starting from Netflix’s great push towards videogame intellectual properties that we have seen recently.

A TV series on Dishonored, on the other hand, would certainly be very interesting, considering that the source material, even just in terms of the setting , is particularly fertile for narrative operations of this type.

Reportedly, the author of the script would be Gennifer Hutchinson , which is very positive news, as she is a high-caliber author who also worked on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, which also won an Emmy Award.

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The Dishonored series is very well regarded by critics and the most passionate players but it is not really a brand of enormous commercial success, which can make you doubt about an actual adaptation in the TV series, but it would certainly be an excellent starting point.

Meanwhile, the Dishonored series appears to be over , or at least its original story is, but that could still open up other perspectives for it to continue. Meanwhile, Arkane is working on Deathloop and Redfall .

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