Disney would have signed Mena Massoud (Aladdin) to play Ezra Bridger in the Ahsoka Tano series

Disney could have signed Mena Massoud, the protagonist of Aladdin in live action, to play Ezra Bridger in the Ahsoka series. 

Although Ahsoka Tano was already one of the favorite characters of Star Wars fans, her appearance in The Mandalorian series played by Rosario Dawson, made the request to give a solo series to this powerful jedi to gain strength again and Lucasfilm He listened to his fans and granted their wish.

But for the moment, beyond knowing that the series is confirmed and that it will star Rosario Dawson herself, not much else is known about this new series that seems to have signed its first actor, as reported the Kessel Run Transmissions program, because according to the YouTuber, Mena Massoud would have been chosen to play Ezra Bridger.

Known for his role as Aladdin in the live action movie directed by Guy Ritchie, it seemed that the young Massoud had a bright future, however after the premiere of the film he has not managed to have much more relevant roles, although from what seems Disney has come to his rescue by granting him the opportunity to play another of Star Wars Rebels’ most beloved characters.

At the moment the studio has not confirmed this casting, or any other, but actor Taylor Gray, who lent his voice to the character in the animated series, has only asked that his story continue to grow from the end of Star Wars Rebels, “I think it was a final sacrifice that closed the story well. Lothal is safe and Ezra has become a complete Jedi.” 

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