Dragon Age Netflix Series In Development

Dragon Age could soon become a TV series by Netflix , according to an unconfirmed report on Giant Freakin Robot, a site specializing in television content, which reports an ongoing production on the EA and BioWare franchise. .

We do not know how to take the question, considering that the same source had previously revealed other possible TV adaptations that have not received any confirmation (at least for the moment), so everything must be considered a simple rumor without particular basis, but it is however very interesting.

The information, according to the site in question, comes from an internal source considered “reliable and proven” and the idea is not actually out of this world, considering the possible appeal of Dragon Age in such an operation, in addition to the considerable push of Netflix in the field of video games, in terms of television adaptations.

There are no details on this alleged adaptation of Dragon Age in the TV series, but according to what is reportedly it seems to be a live action production , that is with actors in the flesh, which already represents a different initiative from what we have seen in the past. with Castlevania and DOTA , for example, as well as being a major production.

In any case, let’s take everything with a grain of salt and await further clarifications, also because the question is extremely vague for the moment. Meanwhile, Netflix has confirmed its commitment to gaming with the next streaming video game offering within the subscription, apparently without price increases compared to the standard.

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