Dragon Age: In early prototypes, dragons were absent from the BioWare series

Dragon Age without dragons seems a real paradox, yet the well-known role-playing series signed by BioWare did not include the presence of the gigantic creatures that later became fundamental within the franchise.

To reveal it was the environmental artist Ian Stubbington, who specified how Dragon Age Origins , the unforgotten progenitor of the fantasy saga, did not have a title in the early stages of development. The Canadian team had initially decided to exclude dragons from history (they would have been considered extinct) but it was the decision regarding the name of the game that changed the cards:

” In the beginning , Dragon Age didn’t have a name . There were some ideas but nothing concrete, so it was decided that one of the programmers would create a random name generator. They put something together and added a lot of fantasy words. We started it and it produced some names, and the one that got the final vote from the team was obviously “Dragon Age.” [Lead writer] David Gaider replied [with] something like: ‘ Hmm , it will be better add dragons to the story then ‘” .

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This led to drastically change the design and concept of some creatures , first of all the Archdemons, who initially presented themselves as “large, monstrous anime-style creatures that seemed to bring together Lovecraft and Final Fantasy,” added the managing editor of DA. : Origins, Daniel Erickson.

In the meantime, we are patiently waiting for more details on the next project in the series, Dragon Age 4, arriving in 2023 according to a rumor . EA’s studio hasn’t yet shown the RPG gameplay, but in the past few weeks it has consoled us with a suggestive concept art of the Ravens of Antiva .


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