Now that Marvel has shown us how well it knows how to transfer the stories of its superheroes to the small screen, as we have seen in Scarlet Witch and Vision, it is not going to stop releasing new adventures of the characters who have made us go through so much well in the cinema with the MCU.

And the next turn is for the couple formed by Falcon and the Winter Soldier who will premiere their series on March 19 on Disney plus and about which we already know new details, such as the duration of their episodes, which have a somewhat time surprising for a series on this platform.

As reported by The New York Times, after an interview with those involved in the series, the episodes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier will have an average duration of between 45-55 minutes, making them the episodes with a longer duration of the original Disney + series, as we remember that The Mandalorian had an average duration of about 40 minutes and Scarlet Witch and Vision of about 35 to adapt to its sitcom format (although in the last two the duration was a little out of hand ).

This is a little more than the time that was initially revealed for the Falcon and the Winter Soldier episodes, estimated between 40-50 minutes, however, if as revealed by the first impressions on the Disney + series, each chapter is full of action, it is normal to need more time to be able to do great action scenes and also allow a few minutes to develop the plot.