Gears of War: The movie could be coming soon, according to the producer of The Batman

Gears of War: The movie could be coming soon, according to the producer of The Batman

Soon, a film based on the Gears of War series could arrive, at least according to the words of the producer of The Batman, these days in theaters.

movie based on the Gears of War series could be announced soon , as The Batman producer Dylan Clark hinted at the subject while promoting the latest Batman movie.

In fact, the project to bring the Gears of War series to the cinema dates back to many years ago. In 2007 New Line Cinema bought the rights to adapt Microsoft’s third-person shooters, at the time developed by Epic Games, currently run by The Coalition, which made the last two episodes, for the big screen. Unfortunately, the project got flooded and never went on.

Be that as it may, at a Gears of War 4 launch party in 2016, it was announced that the Gears of War movie still existed. The project ended up in the hands of Universal Pictures , with F. Scott Frazier writing the script. It hasn’t been talked about since then, at least until today.

The Digital Fix newspaper asked Clark about the film at a press event for The Batman, receiving a rather comforting response. Clark was unable to reveal details about the film, but said, ” It’s been a passion of mine for a very long time now. I think there will be an announcement soon. “

When? Impossible to say. At present nothing is known about the screenplay or potential interpreters. Fans would see Dave Bautista in the role of Marcus well, but that’s all to be seen. Who knows, maybe 2022 is the right year for Gears of War as well, as it was for the much talked about Halo series .


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