Halo, the TV series: an alleged image of the Master Chief leaks

The Halo TV series appears to have leaked online in some way, with a single first image of the Master Chief supposedly confirming this leak for Paramount’s new TV production.

It is difficult to say if it is authentic, but what you see in the image at this address is undoubtedly the good old Master Chief, represented with remarkable fidelity in all the splendor of the Mjolnir armor, within a setting just mentioned but which dealing with the right atmospheres.

For the rest, it is practically impossible to draw great information from such a frame, if not precisely the remarkable fidelity with which John-117 ‘s armor was reproduced, based on what we see. It is also difficult to say whether it is computer graphics or live action at this point, but the TV series should still be composed of both elements, so the mixture of technologies will be a recurring element.

For the rest, we learned from the project manager, Kiki Wolfkill, that production is progressing well , obviously also considering all the difficulties that occurred in this period. In the meantime, the series has moved from Showtime to Paramount + but practically without changing anything at the level of organization and production, since it is essentially always the same company.

The head of Halo transmedia had already specified that it is in the greatest interest to keep the Halo TV series as close as possible to the spirit of the video game, which is an advantage because the source material is already defined and very solid, but also a stimulating difficulty in seeking new creative approaches, proposing something new but remaining faithful to the original lore.

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