‘Halo’ TV Series Moves From Showtime To Paramount+

The Halo series continues to go through sudden changes that push back its premiere date. After several months without any update on the production, today it was confirmed that it will take a little longer to arrive and, even, that it will be transmitted in a different place than was known.

The Deadline portal reports that the Halo TV series will premiere during the first half of 2022 within the Paramount + streaming platform . It had previously been announced that it would arrive during the first quarter of this year and would air on the Showtime channel.

The series was originally announced in 2013 under the joint production of 343 Industries and Amblin Television, the production house of filmmaker Steven Spielberg. After this, the project went through several problems that were delaying its production until, in 2018, the situation resumed its course.

It is known that the series will have 10 episodes that are being filmed in the city of Ontario, Canada, and that its plot will tell a totally new story starring the Master Chief, while respecting the elements of the game universe. Its creative team consists of director Otto Bathurst and screenwriters Kyle Killen and Steven Kane.

Regarding its cast, actor Pablo Schreiber will be in charge of playing the legendary John-117, “Master Chief”Natascha McElhone as Dr. Catherine HalseyCharlie Murphy as Makee, a human raised by the Covenant; Danny Sapani, who will play Captain Jacob Keyes; and actress Jen Taylor, who returns straight from video games to lend her voice to the character of Cortana again.

Gears 5 people work on Halo Infinite

In news related to the franchise, this week it transpired that people from The Coalition team, responsible for the series Gears of Warare collaborating with the development of Halo Infinite. This movement would be indicating that in Microsoft the game is a priority and that they would be providing all possible support to conclude the game as soon as possible.

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