Is a Bloodborne anime possible? Kadokawa seeks to reinforce its animation production

Bloodborne is one of the video game franchises that has done more with less. After all, with just one installment in its history to date, it becomes obvious how special the PS4 title was to have a community as strong as it currently has. However, it is equally logical that many are already tremendously impatient for more content, to which we launch a possibility to value: an anime.

We will recall that FromSoftware, the iconic developer in charge of Bloodborne, is actually owned by a larger company: Kadokawa. It actively participates in the entertainment industry in more areas than just video games, and for years that its presence has been constant in the anime sector. Now, we see that the company in question wants to strengthen its position in this market.

Thus, in Kadokawa’s new financial report – which has hinted at the possibility that Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s next video game, will not arrive in the next 2022 – (via ANN ) we have seen that the company wants to increase to 40 the figure of his annual animation production by 2023. This jump would imply an increase of 20% over the current value, which sees him as a participant in some 33 anime productions per year.

In case of doubt, we will highlight that Kadokawa has been part of up to 144 anime projects that have been recorded to date, in most of these under the role of producer. Also, some projects that have had his support have been as prominent as “Your Name”, “Overlord”, “The Rising of the Shield Hero”, “Sword Art Online: Alicaization” and many more entity names, so we see that its implication is a really weighty one.

In line with the above, we see in the Kadokawa document that apparently, in order to achieve that desire to produce up to 40 anime per year, the Japanese company is considering creating ” a world-class 3DCG production studio bringing together some of the best creators from around the world. ” With this in mind, it seems clear that Kadokawa’s intentions are to be more directly involved in the creation of anime, and hence the name of Bloodborne may come into play.

There is no doubt that Bloodborne presents one of the most attractive aesthetics and universes that video games have seen, and with titles such as Code Vein or Scarlet Nexus soon, it is clear that the type of action that it suggests does not out of tune for what has been seen in a concept close to anime. At the moment, obviously, this is nothing more than pure speculation, but Kadokawa’s growing interest in anime opens a door that shouldn’t be closed at the moment.

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