Mass Effect series in development for Netflix

The editors of Thathashtagshow reveal very interesting details about Netflix’s plans – the platform was to receive a chance to develop the BioWare universe and work is underway on the animated series “Mass Effect”.

The creators are said to provide an original story that will take place in parallel with the adventure of Commander Shepard from the original trilogy. The hero of the BioWare series is reportedly not to appear in this story, but during the events we can meet well-known side characters and companions.

“The new story will focus on an Alliance military agent investigating acts of terrorism across the galaxy.”

The situation, however, is very interesting, because “Mass Effect” will apparently not be an ordinary series . The authors are to focus on an interactive adventure, so at the beginning the viewers / players will choose the gender, appearance and class of the character, and during the story we have to make many difficult decisions that will affect the events.

As you know, Netflix already has similar interactive projects, but you have to admit that this form really fits “Mass Effect”. According to the journalist – the platform even took care of the possibility of transferring records (elections) between episodes, so that players could continue their story.

Series creator talked about the canceled movie and offered ideas for a TV project

Mac Walters, writer for BioWare and creative of Mass Effect , was in an interview with Business Insider and in it he took the opportunity to talk about the film that of the series that came to be in plans with Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. at the beginning of the decade last , which was very promising and did not materialize.

Something very interesting that the creative commented is that he considers that the adaptation would work much better as a TV series than as a movie. This is what Walters believes so because of the vastness of the series and the way in chapters that would suit the possible adaptation very well, which would give more time to tell the story or several stories compared to the 90 to 120 minutes of a movie.

“When we develop a Mass Effect game , we have a skeleton or a general story that we want to tell, but each level or mission is like its own TV episode. It is not written ahead of time. It is written when we get to it. So it adds to the main story and sometimes the main story is adjusted because we did something really cool in that ‘episode.’ So the long-style narrative is a great place for video game franchises, “commented Walters.

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