Megan Boone will she leave the series The Blacklist?

Elizabeth Keen has been absent for four episodes in this season 8 of The Blacklist. But then, could actress Megan Boone leave the series?


Season 8 of The Blacklist continues its journey every Friday night on NBC. If Raymond Reddington continues to shine on fan screens, one character is missing. It’s been four episodes since Elizabeth Keen has been missing and fans are starting to wonder. If his name has often been mentioned, episode 8 of season 8 of The Blacklist barely broached this subject … But then, Could this absence of Megan Boone for many weeks announce the departure of the actress of The Blacklist in the near future ? It is a question which burns our lips and which animates all the debates.

Elizabeth Keen hasn’t appeared for four consecutive episodes and although the promo video hinted at her return in Episode 9 of Season 8 of The Blacklist, we’re not so convinced. It could just be a doppelganger. While this absence is intriguing and worrying, Megan Boone is unlikely to leave the NBC drama series. As of yet, she hasn’t said anything in interviews or social media to even suggest that. It is therefore possible that the writers wanted to put her character aside, leaving her to prepare her ultimate revenge against Red in the shadows and bring it back to light soon. Moreover, another clue suggests that the actress will be back. The Blacklist has been renewed for a season 9 by NBC!

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