Metal Gear Solid movie: Oscar Isaac “I just loved the game. I love the feeling that the game would give me every time I’d play.”

Oscar Isaac is a big fan of Metal Gear Solid , so the fact that he will play the role of Solid Snake in the film based on the famous series can only please fans of the work created by Hideo Kojima.

News that Oscar Isaac will play Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid movie was released last December, but no further details have surfaced since then on the ambitious project. To break the silence was therefore the actor, who we will also see in the role of Moon Knight in the Marvel series.

“I just loved the game,” Isaac said. “I love the feeling that the game would give me every time I’d play. It’s just a strangely isolated, mournful, lonely game to play that has these incredible moments of violence and terror, with these weird, psychedelic concepts and villains. But, yes, it’s kind of like psychedelic military horror things that happen.”

Isaac spoke further about the themes behind Metal Gear Solid and his hopes for the series’ adaptation onto the big screen. “The truth is, underneath the whole thing, it’s an anti-war story. So I think those are the elements I really love,” he explained. “And, like I said, I love the feel of playing it, and the big question of: can something like that be transferred – or can you explore those themes in a really interesting way – on film?”

We will find out as soon as the film hits theaters, although it will probably take a long time for production to be completed.


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