Shang-Chi one of the highest rated comic book movies. The MCU delivered an unexpected hit

Although few people waited for the recently debuting film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it turns out that it is an unexpected gem. 

2020 was a real downtime for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which was of course a heavy burden for fans who adored the adaptation of comic book adventures. In this, however, everything started off the hoof. We already have three series and two films behind us, and more are still ahead of us. Especially loud, however, it is now about “Shang-Chi” , which debuted just a week ago. 

Where does such a big excitement come from? Well, it turned out that the production is one of the best (it rules in this respect) the best-received productions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we have seen so far. In fact, it is the highest rated comic book in movie history on the popular Rotten Tomatoes website. Among 271 reviews, 92% are positive. When it comes to viewers, it is even better – out of 10,000 votes cast, as much as 98% are the positive ones ! 

Be sure to let us know how you view the latest work from the MCU . Have you been carried away by the vision of Asian cinema from Disney or are you approaching the topic more coldly and have found flaws in the film? We are waiting for your feedback! 


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