Studio Behind Demon Slayer Anime Accused of Tax Evasion

The Tokyo court has indicted Ufotable , the studio we owe the anime series and the Demon Slayer movie , along with its founder Hikaru Kondo, for tax evasion . According to the indictment, the two subjects would have stolen 1.2 million dollars from the tax authorities. According to what was reported by the local press, between 2015 and 2018 Kondo and Ufotable would have hidden profits of 4 million dollars. The president reportedly kept the stolen goods in a hidden safe in his home.

The evasion would not concern the anime sector , however, but that of the themed places managed by the company. Ufotable did not deny the allegations and apologized for what happened. He also said he was working with the authorities to resolve the situation and make the work environment more sustainable and better.

Kondo founded Ufotable in 2000. In addition to Demon Slayer, its most successful product, the studio has worked on several top notch anime, such as the Fate / stay Night series or the Tales of adaptations. The company has also worked on several video games in the same series for Bandai Namco.

Despite the accusations and admissions, Kondo remained the president of the company.


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