Super Mario Bros .: the 1986 animated film is being restored in 4K

The Great Mission to Save Princess Peach! It is an animated film of Super Mario Bros. dating back to 1986 and never released from Japan, plus only available in VHS format. With a great act of love, the youtuber Carnivol has decided to restore it in 4K, so as to give to lovers, or the simple curious, a perfect version, even better than the original.

The restoration did not actually start from the VHS version , but from a 16mm film version, with a much higher basic quality than the other.

For those who were wondering, despite the fact that the project was free, Carnivol incurred very high costs to carry it out. Estimates speak of $ 20,000 in expenses to get a decent copy of the film, scan it and restore it.

The result, although not yet definitive, is really excellent:

The quality is much higher than that of digital transfers from VHS found online:

To conclude the work Carnivol has found the help of FemboyFilms, who will finalize the project, correcting the colors, further stabilizing the images, removing residual dust and scratches and reviewing the audio.

Carnivol is also trying to solve the copyright problem , which prevented him from uploading a newer version of the film online.

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