The Conjuring Franchise’s Worldwide Gross Exceeds $ 2 Billion

The Conjuring franchise has grossed over $ 2 billion worldwide, becoming one of the most grossing franchises ever .
The universe includes three parts of “The Conjuring”, the trilogy about the Annabelle doll , as well as  “The Curse of the Nun” and  “The Curse of the Weeping One,” although the last film for some reason is not mentioned. 
At the same time, the third part of the main series about Ed and Lorraine Warren has already grossed $ 196 million worldwide. 
In the future, in the framework of the horror universe, several more films should come out. At least we know about the  “Gnarled Man” (or “Hunchback”) from the second part of “The Conjuring”, as well as the sequel “The Curse of the Nun.” It is possible that the continuation of the “Conjuring” with “Annabelle” is also in development, but there is no confirmation of this yet. 
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