The Dungeons and Dragons movie starts filming

The popular role-playing game ” Dungeons and Dragons ” has already had various adaptations to both the big screen and the television format, but none of them were successful. Now they are preparing a new film that does justice to the popular board game and which he hopes to see as soon as possible.

The cast of ” Dungeons and Dragons ” has already been confirmed, and the film will feature big names like Chris Pine, who we know will play the leading role, or Hugh Grantwho will play the villainMichelle Rodríguez is another of the actresses who will also be part of the cast of the film, but at the moment her role in it is unknown. According to Screenrant, the filming of the film is already underway, and it is that Jonathan Goldstein, director of ” Dragons and Dungeons “, announced in a tweet that began production of his new work.

In the photo shared by Goldstein we can see the original logo of ” Dungeons and Dragons “, something that makes us think that this new adaptation will be faithful to the original game . Although these are all assumptions and it is unclear if the game’s actual characters will be featured or if the play will remain firmly within the fantasy realm. There are many elements of ” Dragons and Dungeons ” that can be incorporated and at the moment there are no details about it, it is even unknown if more names will be added to the cast, something that sounds possible since there is still production time and recently it was added another actress to the cast.

At the moment we will have to wait to learn more about the new adaptation of Paramount’s ” Dragons and Dungeons “, although with what little seen so far there are enough arguments for fans of the original game to hope that this new film will know how to capture epic to the big screen.

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