The Legend of Zelda is the saga that fans most want to see in the cinema, according to a survey

The Legend of Zelda is the saga that fans most want to see in the cinema, according to a survey

We show you the top ten franchises chosen by gamers

One of the most important sagas of Nintendo and the industry in general is The Legend of Zelda , which has just turned 36 years since the launch of its first game and has now just become the most desired to reach the screen large, a fact that we can know thanks to a recent survey that presents interesting results.

As you will surely remember, there was a time when movies based on video games were a real poison for all gamers, who received them as an insult to the saga they were inspired by.

Fortunately for the entire industry, it seems that times have changed and now we can see some productions that were liked by the community, such as Sonic The Hedgehog (a result that will surely maintain its sequel) and the controversial but successful Mortal Kombat .

Now, a survey conducted by the FandomSpot medium asked 2,000 people which franchise they most want to see in the cinema and the winner of the vote was The Legend of Zelda .

Here you can see the list:

  • 1.The Legend of Zelda
  • 2.Grand Theft Auto
  • 3. Horizon: Zero Dawn
  • 4. God of War
  • 5. Hollow Knight
  • 6. Animal Crossing
  • 7.Final Fantasy
  • 8.Fallout _
  • 9. Super Mario
  • 10. Red Dead Redemption

As you can see, players consider a Link and Zelda adventure on the big screen could be a very good opportunity for Nintendo. While another interesting option, and occupying second place on the list, is Grand Theft Auto , a franchise that has been asked for a film adaptation for years.

It should be noted that different important sagas within the industry were mentioned, but it is curious that number 9 is the only one that is confirmed and close to being launched. We refer to the Mario Bros. movie , which will be released later this year adding new voices for each of its characters.

What video game franchise would you like to see in the movies? Tell us in the comments.


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