Among the next Netflix releases, undoubtedly one of the most anticipated by users is season 4 of Stranger Things, one of the platform’s star series whose production of the new season has been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, Although it is still among Netflix’s plans to launch the new episodes in 2021.

However, many fans of the Stranger Things series may not know that the production created by the Duffer brothers is inspired by a strange real event that is embodied in a 1982 book entitled The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time, whose content they studied the creators of the series carefully.

Apparently, the government secretly conducted experiments to get their ships to fool Nazi radars, and even though they succeeded, the crew of a warship they sent to an inhospitable place suffered serious disruption. This event led to a film, The Philadelphia Experiment, whose experiment was adapted in 1984 during the war between the United States and the Soviet Union.

The film began to awaken repressed memories of a man named Al Bielek. After various therapies, Bielek recalled that his real name was Edward Cameron and that he participated in secret government experiments with his brother Duncan, who apparently had psychic powers. And apparently he was not the only child.

This story so similar to what was told with Eleven in the Netflix series Stranger Things was captured in the book written by Preston B. Nichols, whose information was corroborated by various people, including Al Bielek. In fact, there are not a few who go further and relate these events of the Mountauk project with other paranormal situations. Even linking him to the aliens!

What do you think of the story of the real event that Stranger Things is inspired by ?