The spin-off series of The Batman will be titled Arkham

Little by little some details are being known about the spin-off series of the film The Batman that is being developed for the streaming service HBO Max , joining other future DC series such as Peacemaker , the spin-off of The Suicide Squad that will also carry out James Gunn.

It has recently been made official what the title will be for The Batman spin-off series . As The Illuminerdi collects , the series will be titled Arkham , referring to the famous madhouse in which a large part of the Dark Knight’s enemies are interned.

At the moment, the little that has been confirmed about the plot of Arkham is that the series will focus mainly on the corruption of the Gotham Police Department, although the series will be very different from what was seen in Gotham , as confirmed by its showrunner Joe Barton .

Through social networks, Barton denied the rumors that circulated that the plot would focus on the future commissioner of Gotham James Gordon and corroborated that the Arkham series would not follow the same pattern as Gotham because, as he commented, “personally it would not be so interested in remaking a series that ended about 5 minutes ago. ”

For his part, Matt Reeves , director of the film The Batman , confirmed not long ago that this spin off will focus on “Year One” of Batman’s reign as protector of Gotham, so, although it is a prequel to The film, in the series Batman is already acting as a vigilante in the city, which could lead to a possible cameo of Robert Pattinson in the series.

At the moment there is no release date for the Arkham series, with the premiere of the movie The Batman for March 4, 2022 .



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