The Uncharted movie is like “if Indiana Jones and James Bond had a son”, according to Tom Holland

After overcoming numerous obstacles, the Uncharted film managed to finish its filming, and if not for the current health crisis, this summer we would have had the opportunity to enjoy it on the big screen. Its new release date is February 2022, but this has not prevented its main star from speaking – and very well – about this long-awaited production. Tom Holland has described it in a very curious way: “If Indiana Jones and James Bond had a baby, this would be Nathan Drake. This is how I continue to describe the film,” says the actor who has played Spider-Man in the last Marvel Studios movies.

Of his work on the film directed by Ruben Fleischer , director after Welcome to Zombieland or Venom, he highlighted that it has been “an incredible experience. In fact, it was much more challenging than I imagined.” Tom Holland doesn’t go into much detail, but he does emphasize that Uncharted “is very, very different from the kind of saga movies” he’s worked on. “Playing Peter Parker is almost like playing a version of myself, just a little younger, whereas acting like Nathan Drake is playing someone who I’m not, and obviously older than me.”

Playing the hero of Naughty Dog has turned out to be a “very fun experience, I really enjoyed it. And I did some stunts in the movie that I am very proud of.” Just a few days ago, the Hollywood star commented that the Uncharted movie has the biggest action sequences of his career, which suggests that Ruben Fleischer’s film will not be short of shootings and explosions, very much in line with what was seen in PlayStation video games.

PlayStation and the world of cinema

Sony is very interested in taking advantage of the great PlayStation sagas in the world of cinema, to the point of announcing at the end of 2020 that there are already 10 movies and series based on PlayStation games. One of the most important, leaving Uncharted aside, is the long-awaited series The Last of Us on HBO that just a few days ago announced the actors who will play Joel and Ellie. The Japanese company is so interested in expanding the boundaries of its great video games, that just a few days ago it already anticipated that The Last of Us series and the Uncharted movie are just the beginning.

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