The Witcher: PETA lashes out against Netflix series for using real animals

The Witcher: PETA lashes out against Netflix series for using real animals

PETA has issued a statement protesting the use of real animals in Netflix’s The Witcher TV series.

The organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has issued a statement in which he rails against Netflix series of The Witcher , which recently came out the Season 2, accusing the production had used real animals in some scenes instead of virtual counterparts made in CGI.

“Netflix’s The Witcher has a monstrous problem, which is that producers have apparently monstrously chosen to exploit live squirrel monkeys and a lemur, among other animals on the show, instead of using computer-generated imagery,” the PETA statement reads. later encouraging the public not to watch The Witcher series for this very reason.

“The entertainment industry as a whole prematurely separates these animals from their mothers and goes against their instinctive needs to explore, choose a mate, raise pups and forage, which is why audiences should skip The Witcher and flip a coin instead. (the term used here is “toss a coin”, a reference to “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher”, the iconic Season 1 song, ed) to the numerous movies and shows featuring only human actors. “

The Witcher isn’t the only entertainment product on the small or big screen that uses real animals and has therefore been criticized by PETA. For example, “Clifford – The Big Red Dog”, a film recently released in theaters and based on the children’s series of the same name, was also accused of using real animals in some scenes.

In general, therefore, PETA is against the use of animals in any entertainment work, as these creatures are stolen from their natural habitat and cruelly deprived of their lives.

“Often snatched from their mothers as children and subjected to lives of punishment and deprivation , animals used in film and television production are not in control of their lives. They are treated like props, often forced to perform tricks on command. at the right time, until they are deemed too old, too sick or simply no longer profitable. Animals used in movies and on TV are trapped in the recurring role of “victim”, “PETA’s official stance on the use of animals in movies and TV series.

Staying on the subject, Season 2 of The Witcher is currently in the first position in the ranking of the most viewed TV series on Netflix .


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