Twisted Metal: Sony wants to offer a game and a series at the same time

More journalists confirm the return of the Twisted Metal series. Sony is to work on a large production that will debut on the market along with the TV series. Details were provided by Jeff Grubb and Andy Robinson.

We wrote about the return of the Twisted Metal brand last month – then Tom Henderson posted an enigmatic message to which the creator of the series responded . David Jaffe mentioned that he would be “very, very hurt” if Sony was actually working on the position .

Now the details have been confirmed by Jeff Grubb, but the VGC editors have also received the same details from their sources – indeed Twisted Metal is back and it will be a big production tied to the arrival of the previously announced series:

“I think Twisted Metal is in the works, but the premiere may be a distant future, so I think [the makers] are in an early stage. This indicates a bigger shift in Sony’s strategy – actually it’s not even a change, it’s a ‘broadening’ of their strategy, ‘said Jeff Grubb

The VentureBeat journalist mentioned “broadening the strategy”, that is, developing production and offering viewers projects in new media – films or series.

“If they have Twisted Metal ready to go out [on Thursday’s Showcase], they can do it. But either way, it looks like work is going on, it’s coming and apparently David Jaffe is not involved, “added Jeff Grubb.

During the Giant Bomb program, Jeff Grubb mentioned more about the Sony project – the company wants to offer new games and series or movies at a similar time to attract a wide audience with his IP:

“It looks like [Sony] is potentially giving the green light to creating games to coincide with their attempts to release movies and TV series based on these IPs.”

“It seems they will be trying to combine these things with games at the same time and the thinking is one thing, they looked at [Marvel Cinematic Universe] and they want MCU-like success, and I think there’s an idea inside Sony:” hey we do films, why don’t we use it? “.”

“There is a prestige associated with Hollywood and high-profile television that I think Sony craves a little, but it’s also good business. It’s worth taking a look at what happened to The Witcher and Netflix – The Witcher 3 had its second best year [in terms of results] last year when the series debuted.


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