Anthony Mackie will appear in “Twisted Metal” as the main character of the series.

Sony proves once again that it does not intend to save on the cast of its productions for films and television. Anthony Mackie will appear in “Twisted Metal” as the main character of the series. Get to know the first details.

Sony is working on the series “The Last of Us”, the movie “Ghost of Tsushima” and a story from the universe “Twisted Metal” – according to rumors, the adventure divided into episodes is to hit the market around the new game developed for PS5 .

Today we can confirm the first details of the production, because Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions managed to hire a recently popular actor. Anthony Mackie will play the role of John Doe, the main character of “Twisted Metal”.

“We are delighted that Anthony Mackie has joined the team. His ability to blend comedy, action and drama is perfect for the Twisted world we create, ”said Asad Qizilbash, head of PlayStation Productions.

Anthony Mackie is recently a very popular actor who played the role of Sam Wilson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it was he who became the new Captain America. The first information about his solo MCU movie has already been confirmed .

“We are huge fans of Anthony’s phenomenal work, and we knew he was the only actor who could play a character as complex, fun, and compelling as John Doe. Luckily for us, he agreed, ”said Glenn Adilman, EVP, Comedy Development, SPT.

Michael Jonathan Smith, writer of Cobra Kai, will write the script for Twisted Metal and will executive produce the production. Sony apparently wants to make sure that the project is run the right way, so Carter Swan (PlayStation Productions) and Hermen Hulst (head of PlayStation Studios) will also handle the production.


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