The Uncharted movie does not seek to recreate video games, says its director

The Uncharted movie does not seek to recreate video games, says its director

Against all odds, the Uncharted movie is a reality and will hit theaters in February 2022. Naturally, fans fear that it will be a terrible disappointment that it does not measure up to the original work. That is a sentiment that we cannot blame, since historically video game adaptations leave a lot to be desired and, at worst, they are a real mess.

Given this, Ruben Fleischer, director of the film starring Tom Holland, recently spoke about the philosophy with which he approached this film adaptation of the Uncharted franchise . Likewise, he shared his opinion on video game cinema and gave some reasons why, in his point of view, it tends to fail.


According to the Slashfilm portal , the director of the live-action film believes that one of the reasons why movies based on video games tend to be bad and fail is because they try to recreate, without success, the source material.

“Part of the problem is that they are trying to recreate the games. Because players have such a visceral experience, I don’t think you can compete with that. I wanted to make sure [Uncharted] worked like a movie first, ”Ruben Fleischer reaffirmed.

Of course, the creative recognizes that bringing the adventures of Nathan Drake to the big screen is a dream come true. In addition, and fearing that fans will find a product outside the video game saga, it seems that Fleischer did take the time to explore the works of Naughty Dog before assuming the role of director.

“We tried to be inspired by the games whenever we could, but we also wanted to have original parts that were not part of the games. I have never seen anything like the end of our third act before and I think it will leave people speechless, “commented the creative.

This week, the Uncharted movie released a second trailer that allowed us to see Sully’s iconic mustache. Despite being a minor detail, it gives hope that the project will have nods and references that diehard fans of the franchise can enjoy.

But tell us, do you think this film will meet expectations? Let us read you in the comments.

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