Unstoppable is a Chinese film that is inspired by Halo, the protagonist is identical to Master Chief

The cinema , in recent years, is making more and more reference to the world of video games for the creation of highly successful works, such as Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog. Now, from China comes a new film 天马行空 ( Unstoppable ), which seems to take great inspiration from Halo , the saga of Microsoft, Bungie and 343 Industries. The character, in fact, is practically identical to Master Chief .

The information was shared on Twitter by Daniel Ahmad, a well-known analyst at Niko Partners who is particularly active in everything related to the Chinese market. As you can see below, Unstoppable is a sci-fi film and has no official connection with Halo. Xbox’s Weibo account (basically China’s Twitter) denied any links and simply stated that “Halo Infinite will continue the Master Chief story this fall.”

Although we can’t know for sure, it seems unlikely that the character design that appears in the Unstoppable poster looks like Master Chief by accident. The armor might be a generic sci-fi combat suit, but the helmet is all too distinctive and leaves no room for great doubt.

We’ll have to see if Microsoft decides that the similarity between Unstoppable and Halo is too much to let go.

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