This 101-year-old lobster collector has gone viral for “using the Force” from Star Wars

The photograph of a 101-year-old lobster collector goes viral among Star Wars fans, who claim that she is “using the Force.”

Throughout the year hundreds of photographs are seen that, if we look at them with a certain geek perspective, we could perfectly fit into imaginary universes like Star Wars . How many times have you “used the Force” when approaching automatic doors?

That has been the case of Virginia Oliver , a 101-year-old lobster collector who was immortalized by the Boston Globe for a story when she was fishing. The snapshot showed Virginia discarding a lobster that did not meet the requirements to be caught, returning it to the sea.

Fate (or the Force) wanted the photographer to capture the precise moment to make it appear that Virginia was drawing the locust through the Force, the iconic Star Wars energy field that gives Jedi and Sith their powers.

Naturally, such an event did not go unnoticed by Star Wars fans or by Mark Hamill himself , who played Luke Skywalker in the franchise films.

Recognizing how intense the Force is in that locust collector , Mark Hamill fired the starting gun for fans to work their magic, something they were soon to do, granting Virginia Oliver a Jedi lightsaber, while the Dark Side it was intense on the Lobster, with a red lightsaber.

Actually, the Force is intense in this woman, because going out to sea at 101 years old and collecting lobsters in the middle of the Atlantic is not something we can all do when we get there, if we reach 101 years old.

Mark Hamill continues to be an inexhaustible source of anecdotes and funny Star Wars moments. The actor is very protective of his iconic character, as it should be and as shown in Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian .

Have you come across any meme of this woman collecting shrimp “by Force”?

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