An update on Assassin’s Creed by leaker J0nathan

Reliable french Assassins Creed leaker j0nathan posted a new video in which he shared infos on the next AC :

  • As he has been saying for some months now, there was a project including Richard the Lionheart in development at Ubisoft, probably Ubisoft Sofia (not clearly said, but implied).
  • It’s unclear if the Richard project is on stand-by or abandoned. The development was just starting when Ubisoft moved the development team of Project Richard to Project “Meteor”, which would be a third DLC for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.
  • “The Siege Of Paris” would arrive in September 2021, where “Meteor” would not arrive until at least January 2022.
  • “Meteor” was put into development because of two major factors :
    • The very positive reception of Valhalla, and Ubisoft would still like to play on the Viking hype.
    • COVID has affected Ubisoft a lot (Far Cry 6, Rainbow Six…) and developing a third DLC seems easier than developing a whole game.
  • As expected, no new AC Game in 2021. The next one could be released at least by the end of 2022 (but this date seems very unrealistic too).
  • The Richard project would have been very different to Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla. It would have been an Uncharted-like, a semi-linear game. For each “game level”, a new semi-open world.
  • The Richard Project also included a part during the Third Crusade (1189-1192). The game would then have followed Richard’s journey back to the UK. The character played by the player would not have been Richard, but his “bodyguard”.
  • The Richard project would also have focused on two other scenarios : a woman and a man. Their two adventures would have come together at some point in the game.

Other recent leaks by the same leaker :

  • J0nathan leaked the cosmetics pack “Isu’s Knight”.
  • He found the name “Muspelheim” in game’s files, along with the mention “DLC” (he tweeted it).
    • According to Wikipedia, “In Norse mythology, Muspelheim is a realm of fire”.
    • At the beginning of the development of Valhalla, some concepts-arts of this realm were made, but for unknown reasons, it has been abandonned.
    • It’s either for one of the two DLC already announced, or for the third DLC “Meteor”, or it’s just a remnant of a scrapped area for the main game.
  • In another video, he posted the maps of Ireland DLC and Paris DLC :
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