Apple is experimenting with an iPhone without ports

A new leak claims that Apple will remove all ports on one of the iPhone models launching later this year, permanently ditching the Lightning port.

Apple plans at least one “portless” iPhone this year, which would rely solely on wireless charging and wireless audio connectivity.

The absence of ports presents a challenge for users in case they want to carry out a restore or recovery from a backup of their device.

To solve the problem of recovery and restoration, Apple is planning a new “Internet Recovery” feature.

The user would manually put the device into recovery mode by activating a broadcast feature called “Internet Restore”, which would allow iTunes / Finder to find the device and initiate a restore.

The report notes that this is the “primary” method Apple wants to implement. Another option evaluated was to use Bluetooth connectivity for restoration, but it was considered unsafe and unreliable, as well as too slow.

Apple is also considering including some type of connector on the iPhone without ports, which would be hidden from view as it is included within the SIM card slot or even on the device itself. This connector would allow Apple to carry out actions on the device in case of repair.

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