Apple prepares a helmet, glasses and lenses for AR / VR according to Ming-Chi Kuo

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo today released a new investor note detailing Apple’s roadmap for virtual reality and augmented reality products.

Kuo claims Apple will launch a new “helmet-like” headset with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) capabilities in 2022, followed by AR glasses in 2025 and finally an AR contact lens product in 2030- 2040.

AR / VR helmet in 2022

As for the AR and VR helmet coming next year, Kuo says current prototypes currently weigh between 200 and 300 grams.

“If Apple can successfully solve the significant technical problems, the weight of the final product will be reduced to 100-200 grams,” says Kuo.

The AR and VR headset will use Sony’s micro-OLED displays and will have “independent computing power and storage . ” This means that it will be able to function independently of an iPhone, and Kuo says it will be “positioned more as a portable product than a mobile product.”

Although Apple has focused on AR, we believe that the hardware specifications of this product can provide a significantly better immersive experience than existing VR products.

Apple could integrate this helmet with video-related applications (eg Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, etc.) as its main selling points.

Kuo says that the price of this helmet is likely to be “similar to that of a high-end iPhone”, potentially around $ 1,000.

This is much cheaper than previous reports had suggested, but it is important to note that Kuo is a supply chain analyst and therefore does not always have accurate pricing data.

AR glasses in 2025

Kuo says Apple will launch augmented reality glasses in 2025 “at the earliest” and that prototype production has not yet started. The main feature will be Apple’s custom “optical AR experience” to superimpose AR elements in the real world.

Other details are still vague. Kuo says the augmented reality glasses “could have” separate computing power and storage space and will likely position themselves as a mobile product.

Production of the glasses and headphones will run in parallel, which means that Apple could sell both at the same time.

Contact lenses from 2030

Lastly, looking ahead, Kuo predicts that Apple will release some form of AR contact lenses after 2030, but “there is no visibility for the release schedule” yet.

In this case, the focus would be on “invisible computing.” Contact lenses are unlikely to have separate computing and storage technology.

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