Apple VR Headset Could Be Released with 8K Support

The Apple VR headset may come with 8K resolution displays and a $ 3,000 price tag.

Apple has been developing a standalone virtual reality headset that will become a new hardware product category since the Apple Watch smartwatch launched in 2015. Rumors point to it that it will go on sale in 2022 and it is a very expensive title with its high features. Also, according to recent claims Apple VR title8K support may come across with.

8K displays will need powerful GPUs and increase demand. There is a high probability that the GPU will use high-quality coatings in the areas you are looking at and lower resolution in other areas. Of course, we can say that this is the main feature that will also be reflected in the price point. The Verge has even suggested that the price of the product could be $ 3,000. It is also noteworthy that this price is 10 times more expensive than Facebook Oculus Quest 2.

The expectations for the features of the Apple VR headset are as follows:

  • Screens: twin 8K screens
  • Cameras: More than 12 cameras for hand tracking, ambient positioning, AR / transition vision
  • Other sensors: Eye tracking, LIDAR for accurate positioning
  • Processor: Apple Silicon
  • In device controls: eye tracking and hand tracking, as well as a thimble-like dial on the side of the HMD

It is also among the information that the product will be very compact compared to the technology it offers. The materials are said to borrow cues from other Apple devices. However, it is foreseen that the product can be used with replaceable headbands and a HomePod style fabric. As a result, it is stated that Apple will want to market a light AR device that is indistinguishable from standard glasses.

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