Elden Ring solved 7-year old Dark Souls III  mystery

Elden Ring solved 7-year old Dark Souls III  mystery

Players found a detail that unites both FromSoftware games

ELDEN RING continues to be talked about and players can’t get enough of finding hidden details about FromSoftware’s game. Now there is an interesting theory linking it to Dark Souls III and one of its biggest mysteries that the community has been trying to solve for about 7 years now.

It all started when Dark Souls III dataminers found clues related to something called SnakeSoul. At the time it was thought that it could be related to a boss or an enemy that was planned for the game but never used.

Now, ELDEN RING dataminers have made a discovery that could end this mystery, as the word SnakeSoul is linked to one of the title’s bosses. Thus, it is thought that FromSoftware ultimately rescued the enemy intended for Dark Souls III and put him in their latest game.


Youtuber Zullie the Witch shared this interesting discovery on his channel. From what we know, the Dark Souls III community linked the name SnakeSoul with the enemy Pus of Man. However, the name was found now related to the artificial intelligence of a deadly ELDEN RING boss : Ulcerated Tree Spirit.

Thus, the community believes that this enemy was originally going to be a boss from Dark Souls III . This would solve the mystery of years ago, since it was never possible to identify exactly what SnakeSoul was referring to.

Zullie the Witch showed one more piece of evidence to prove her theory: one of the first trailers for Dark Souls III shows an enemy quite similar to Ulcerated Tree Spirit. This coincidence has already convinced some fans, who now think that the enemy was effectively discarded from the third installment and brought back for ELDEN RING .

However, it is a fan theory that has not been confirmed by FromSoftware or any of its creators. So we will have to wait for someone from the company to talk about it. Below I leave you the video that presents the tests:

ELDEN RING is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.


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