iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max also with 2TB storage

According to a rumor, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will also be available with 2TB storage, following the introduction of this year’s 1TB models.

14 iPhone Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max , then the top models of the next smartphone made by Apple, will also count on one storage to 2 TB , according to a rumor.

So if this year iPhone 13 Pro has introduced a model with 1 TB storage, in 2022 it will go further and try to double this value.

The rumor speaks in general of the iPhone 14 for this interesting upgrade, but it is reasonable to imagine that the 2 TB option will only concern the Pro and Pro Max models, that is, those that will receive the most important improvements also on the camera side.iPhone 13 Pro – Video diary with Kathryn Bigelowhttps://imasdk.googleapis.com/js/core/bridge3.482.0_it.html#goog_9267010270 seconds of 3 minutes, 25 secondsVolume 90% .

In fact, there is talk of a 48 megapixel camera for iPhone 14 and 8K video , both features that would go hand in hand with a larger storage capacity.

To reinforce the rumors about the introduction of the 2 TB option, there are also news coming from Apple’s production chain, according to which the company has asked its partners for substantial quantities of QLC NAND flash memories to be mounted in their devices.


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